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Introducing the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII

Darren Kitchen

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I believe I speak for the entire team when I say how excited we are to finally share with you the hard work that has gone into making the most refined, polished, and precision-fit WiFi Pineapple to date.

I can say with confidence that the Mark VII introduces the most intuitive WiFi Pineapple experience. That is because, in addition to vastly improving the hardware and PineAP engine capabilities, all pain-points from previous generations were considered when developing the 7th generation.

From initial setup and provisioning to PineAP configuration, reconnaissance, engagement automation with campaigns, Internet connection, shell access, recovery, a host of first-class modules written in-house, and so many more subtle but important refinements—I hope you will find the Mark VII a joy to work with.

Please, as always, share your feedback here. We endeavour to continuously refine and enhance the product to the best of our abilities.

If you would like to get involved with the project—contributing mods & modules—please see the subforum. Please also find the new Hak5 Developer Program, which brings compensation and collaboration means. Having already seen what renowned makers have built, what seasoned module developers have written, we are excited for the future of the 7th generation WiFi Pineapple platform.

Welcome, and cheers!

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Just got mine today and right out of the box I am really impressed. It just works. I purchased the tetra earlier this year and was a little more than disappointed as it felt outdated and struggled to do basic things like deauthorize and capture handshakes. The Mark VII is doing all of that with ease and the new interface is awesome! I look forward to seeing more modules and support in the coming months and definitely will be picking up the enterprise edition later this year! Nice job Hak5 team!!! 

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