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Andoid tools for pen testing.


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Hey guys..im wondering what tools you got on andoid for pentesting purposes? I only got a gaming laptop, and no way in hell i take it outside just4fun. So for doing one of my hobbys outside im limited to a galaxy tab A 10.1 (2019) and a Redmi Note 8T as phone. (i also got the option of rapberry 3-4, but thats another story.)

So im looking for tools you guys can reccomend for mobile pen-testing. Currently i just got termux, PyDroid 3 for python coding, User.Land with a kali distro (very powerhungry it seems and of course very limited in funktion..how much limited im not sure), Icode-go (php/html editor with inbuild Apache/sql server), WiggleWifi (wireless network mapper) and of course a ssh(redundant, i know)/vnc client, Dcoder for general coding, turbo editor als txteditor...what am i missing? And what do you guys do with your mobile devices? (Exept using the pineapple or controlling your rasperry)

The devices are not rooted and as long as they have still warrenty i would like to keep it that way..but i have dozens of less powerfull rooted devices if its really really needed.

So im looking for both, but mostly unrooted software first.

Thanks for any help 😃

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For rooted, zANTI is good. zANTI 2 has a lot of nice functionality regarding MITM (including being able to modify requests and responses without a proxy). zANTI 3 kind of removes some features like the one I explicitly mentioned but adds in nmap integration (you can use nmap in Termux anyway, among other typical and popular packages that will not require root). Do note that I have not checked out the latest version being offered by default (if any newer was release ever since), so I have no idea how it is at the moment.

There are other software out there which can have similar features or functionality on Android (all requiring root), but as far as I am aware, the ones I have in mind are long no longer supported by their developers since a very long time ago.


For non-root, something like PortDroid might be of interest in regards to port scanning (presets, custom ranges) if you want a simple mobile UI rather than CLI, local network scanning, among other functionality.

Want something for Bluetooth? BLE Scanner should be some good help. It is able to pick up on Bluetooth services, which when it comes to IoT device Bluetooth services, can involve a DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode.

There are Bluetooth serial 'shell' applications out there. Yup, even USB.

For Bluetooth file management, Bluetooth File Manager is an old classic that has been updated a while back to work correctly with the latest version of Android (well.. before Android 11, anyway). I once used this to access the storage of a 'dumbphone' (of the SD card and some other files [not file system]) remotely.

For SSH & MOSH, I use JuiceSSH. I found it to be the best application available on Android all around. I did try Termius (not Termux) but I did not find it to be worth using, especially with the monthly subscription.

WiFi analysis? WiFiAnalyzer. Very detailed information about found access points, mentions vendors based on the beginning of each MAC address (the usual), vendor lookup, helps find the best channels to use (least busy within the range), graphs because why not. (WiGLE looks interesting, seeing that it maps out the networks..)

Bonus app for WiFi analysis: 'Wi-Fi AR'. If you want a fancy way to visualise things such as where the access point signal is weakest. May or may not find it to be practical.

For accessing an Android device via ADB, there is the app named 'Remote ADB Shell'. It does the job but it is not perfect and very limited (ADB shell only). For that reason, if possible, since you have Termux, you're *way* better off using something way more raw (it includes fastboot too -- I have not tested if USB functionality works at all.. I have only tested it with an Android Smart TV that allows wireless ADB): https://github.com/MasterDevX/Termux-ADB

For a keyboard with full keys (ESC, CTRL, full arrow keys), the old "hacker's keyboard" will help out. It does not have that great of an appearance (gingerbread-ish), but when you need the additional buttons to do what you need to do like over SSH, you can quickly switch to it and back.

If you do not mind using a Google service, Chrome Remote Desktop is very useful should you need to securely remote into your PC from anywhere.


Not all of this can be used for out-right pen-testing, though they could be useful in specific cases.

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Thanks alot mate! Very helpfull..some of what you mentioned i also got but not mentionen..like juice, wifi analyzer..

For the other tools..i will def test them out. Esp bluetooth stuff, dont have anything in that direction yet, but interessted whats posiible and what not.

And yeh..i dont mean pen testing only..general tools that are of use for people "like us"

Thanks again!

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