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Wifi Pineapple Defect. I can't connect to it or use it after using a tool.


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Im having this issue, please help me solve this.
Like in the video, all its doing is turning on for a few seconds, and shutting off. I cant connect to the pineapple over the web or ssh, and I am not able to reset it. 

Does anyone have any ideas? I used the tool to spam wifi networks and then this happened. I think it broke it. 

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Few things here

Have you itry a different computer and/or a differnt USB cable ? ( or port )
Have you try just powering the pineapple from a Battery bank ? ( no data on USB in this case )
Is the device recognised as Network interface  at all ?

Have you try Factory reset as described here https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360010471774-Firmware-Recovery


If it is still an issue
If you are within the RMA coverage you then will get a support response..
Please consider the fact that support might be overwelmed with ticekts etc...
If you are outside the RMA coverage sorry.. bad luck




I am confident the support folks will let you know soon !


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