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Hardware/Video problem


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Hey guys just figured I would ask to make sure I didn't leave out or forget any step.

1 of my machines today I went to get on it to do whatever. Anyway it's been in a room for along time a cold room at that maybe about 20 degrees on average. It's been on and I haven't touched it for over a week until tonight I go down and reboot it and it first gives me a floppy drive error I forget the exact error and says system halted... all on a black screen. I'm like okay that's weird when I disabled the floppy in the cmos. So I reboot again and now I don't get video at all... doesn't make sense to me. I tried to other video cards with no luck. I removed/reseated the cpu, with no luck and it still looks like it's okay. It's a p4 2.4 ghz.

After taking the case lid off I notice theres no jumper on the cmos pins at all, so I try to reset it with no luck. Removed the battery for awhile with no luck. Also I figured I would get the series of beeps when removing the ram and powering on, but I didn't... :?

Another thing that's weird is when inside the case I touch certain areas of the motherboard with my bare hands it will power on. Or when I goto insert my flash drive in the front panel usb ports it will shut the system down as if I had unplugged it from the wall.

The power supply is a 480w Demon Silver Chrome.

The board I can't remember exactly I got it from a friend with no documentation. It's very small with only 2 pci buses and uses the VIA 8237 chipset I believe.

Ram 256mb DDR 3200

I just wanted to make sure I didn't leave out any step in troubleshooting... it's been awhile since I've had video problems :oops:

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The power issues are a bit of a cause for concern. If i had to guess i'd say the motherboard's got some issues, but first, I'd swap out the PSU with a known good one.

If that doesnt help i'd remove everything from the case, lay it out on a bench and try powering it up with only the bare essentials (mobo, cpu & hsf, ram, video, psu). While you're at it, reseat everything. That'll help to ensure all contacts are good and that there are no shorts.

If that fails, i'd try the ram, video card and, if possible, the cpu in another system to make sure they're working properly. If they appear to be working properly, then you can be pretty sure it's the motherboard.

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