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Making Nano more targeted


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Unusual question probably but is there a way of making the nano (and tetra) more targeted. Ie. By physical shielding?

I would be looking to recon for a specific SSID (router or client connected) 

If I were to get close enough to the target property and some way shield the device would it make the chance of obtaining the target details show up with their signal strength.

Many of the engagements I have been on historically I’d looking for very specific clients attached to the SSID.

I’ve been on the physical side of this for many years now, and just looking for cleaner options rather than actually disabling the devices (many engagements physical destruction has been in play) cutting wires, destructive entry to locks etc etc.

Be nice to be able to add this gathered information to the initial site survey / recce for future exploitation’s 

Thanks for any pointers



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