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I've had my pineapple for a few days now, and still learning what to do with it, but with the recon and PineAP, PineAP will not start most of the time, maybe the first time, but not any other time... 

Any Advice?

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By "can’t get pineAP to start", do you mean that clicking the Switch button under the Configuration section of the PineAP module in the web GUI of the NANO results in a Disabled state regardless how many times you click on the Switch button? I.e. PineAP Daemon: Disabled never goes into PineAP Daemon: Enabled.

If so, I could replicate the problem myself on my NANO. It didn't matter how many times I clicked the Switch button, it still was in the Disabled state. Running ps at the terminal didn't show any signs of life either. So, I factory reset my NANO and went back to a clean 2.7.0 and after that it has never failed. I've toggled the state of the daemon 10+ times now and it works every time. I guess it has to be related to something I've installed, or such. I've been messing around lately to try to get OpenVPN to work on the NANO (and some other stuff) and my conclusion is that PineAP is sensitive to these "adventures" in some way. Another thing to have in mind is to not use the onboard wlan1 interface for something else than PineAP (such as using the radio for internet access). The GUI explicitly says that using wlan1 could interfere with PineAP.

When you click Switch (and the state is PineAP Daemon: Disabled), it should start the process /usr/sbin/pineapd /tmp/pineap.conf

It can be checked by running:
ps ax
ps ax | grep [p]ineapd

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