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How to use the deauth and tor modules? (new owner)


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Hello, I just received my Tetra today and I had some questions regarding the deauth and tor modules.

I am using the external AC to power the device.

I'm using a compatible Alfa external wifi adapter to bridge an internet connection to my router - which shows up as wlan2.

When I go into the deauth module, I'll click on wlan1, modify my blacklist for a particular device, and click Start. It doesn't start and the network interface changes to wlan1mon. I click start again and then in the output section it would show some information and then "Starting deauth..." No update nor any effect.  What am I possibly doing wrong?

As for the tor module, as the dependencies have been installed, I click start and my ip is still the same. I was assuming I could use the tetra as a TorRouter. I am directly connected to the management AP. Are there additional steps that need to be done or is the tor-module used for something else entirely?

Thanks for any help.

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