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KeyCroc will not connect to C2 since upgrade


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Since upgrading to the latest firmware, I have been unable to get my Key Croc to connect to C2. Was there any follow up with this issue or other known aspects about it? 

I have completely reset it. I have tried with multiple internet and wifi connections where I have complete control. The Croc can see (at least ping) the server where C2 is located. All other devices can still connect to C2. I have tested removing the firewall settings on the C2 server. I have removed and created a new device in C2 downloading the updated config. I have removed all aspects of the device.config file and sent it to the Croc with scp from Windows. In all previous cases (including when it worked in the past), I was using arming mode and just copied the device.config file to the root of the Croc in Windows Explorer.

On a side note that may not be related, I have had much more difficulty connecting to wifi since upgrading. Changing the config.txt has not worked immediately. I did find that I could update the wpa_supplicant.conf file which would work. After resetting, I noticed that the connections were easier. However, after I changed the root password, it was not wanting to connect when making changes to the config file. Once I changed it back to the default password, the config.txt file changes seem to work just fine. I have not tested this thoroughly, so it may just be a coincidence. This also did not resolve the issue with C2.

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I just got my key croc this weekend and had to install it yesterday. When I tested it at home, it worked just fine, but when I installed it in the field, it wouldn't work and I had to troubleshoot for nearly 5 hours. My issue was connecting to wifi. The key croc would record key strokes no problem, but not connect to the C2 server, let alone get a wifi connection.

I was installing on windows and therefore editing my config.txt file in notepad. One user noted I should use notepad++ and make sure the EOF setting is set to Unix. Despite doing that, and factory resetting the device, nothing worked. My wifi pass I used had a special character that the manual says you need to prepend with a backslash. I simply took out the backslashes from the config.txt and it started working no problem. Not sure if this could be a help to anyone that is having wireless issues. 

I'd be happy to try and help anyone that is experiencing a similar issue. It was frustrating, but it helped me learn new concepts, and this key croc a lot better than if it just worked out of the box.

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brish  I am also not able to connect to c2 server  I did get my wifi up and running but it has not once connected to the cloud instance  Also I am having issues with the payloads not executing properly due to the quack strings not executing as I have them written in the notepad script  It is adding characters and not putting characters in and causing teh payload to fail catostrophically   I have had the device for about a week and I am about ready to give up on it  It has been one issue after another


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