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Can't enter my FTTH modem - need to change my ISSD and password. Hilfe!


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I need help with my FTTH modem. I need to enter and change some settings, but I can't. The ISP has it somehow firewalled; I cannot change my SSID and password. If I reset the modem I can see a log in page, but if I disable the script blocker on my browser another page appears (the real internet provider). But then, I can't get it to connect and then I have to call my ISP and they send somebody with a new modem and take the old one -back to square one!

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On 8/24/2020 at 3:16 AM, ZuǝuOIsǝoɹǝZ said:

Thank You very much for your help. I've done that. But I still would like to have control over the above mentioned modem; this is the first ISP I see that attitude from.

You should be able to ask them to put their device into bridged mode.  That will make it to where it's just giving your internet access directly to your new router.  Using their router, and then your own router causes your connection to be double-NATed.  This isn't an issue for basic internet access, but if you want to port forward things, etc., you are still behind the ISP's device's firewall, then your device's firewall.

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