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PLEASE Help bash bunny not working


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So heres my problem I just got my bashbunny today in the mail I updated it with the bunnyupdater.exe and installed responder impacket and all that good stuff but i accidentally deleted my original payloads folder because when i updated i got a new folder called .payload_repo and it was all the same stuff so i deleted the original and so i tried rebuilding the original payload folder from scratch realizing after it probably wasnt smart to do that but i can run payloads and they create folders for the loot in the loot folder but they dont capture any loot when i get a greenlight for all the payloads but nothing is there i watch them execute on my screen and i eject safely everytime but nothing is ever captured and i tried to factory reset multiple times but everything is still the same and when i ssh into it i LS and theres a couple things not a bunch like there should be is there any way to truly factory reset the bash bunny erasing and starting as if it was brand new so i can start over and see if this is truly the problem

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