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[PAYLOAD] Network reconnaissance payload for Shark Jack


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Network reconnaissance payload for Shark Jack

Swiss knife network reconnaissance payload with options for loot capturing (e.g. DIG, NMAP, IFCONFIG, ARP-SCAN, LLDP), notification (e.g. Homey, Pushover (the best push notfications service!), Slack), exfiltration (e.g. Cloud C2, Pastebin, Slack) and led blinking for IP address. Payload is based on various sample payloads from HAK5, MonsieurMarc, Topknot and others.

The script has been created in a modular fashion which allows easy extending the script with new functions (e.g. recon, notification or exfiltration functions). The script furthermore incorporates logic to determine already existing loot folders and create a new (unique) loot folder every time the script is executed.

Payload can be found here: https://github.com/hak5/sharkjack-payloads/tree/master/payloads/library/recon/Network-Recon-framework-payload-with-logging-notification-and-exfiltration

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In the description you say: "Dependencies: this payload requires you to have the following packages already installed and configured via 'opkg install' (do 'opkg update' first)"


But opkg update seems not to work. There is a whole thread about this issue:



And it seems so since november 2019.

If I try opkg update there is an error message. 


Am I the only one?


The SJ has internet, a ping to does work.


Is there another way to get the packages?



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