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World of Warcraft


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i would be insane to believe that NONE of you play world of warcraft, after all over 8 million do, so if you do let your passion be know, and follow my lead:

Server: Warsong

chars: Deprui lvl 20 Priest <Lords of Darkness>

Jimmbo lvl 16 Warrior <Lords of Darkness>

Magicmage lvl 7 Mage <Lords of Darkness>

i spend the most time exploring the map and doing things like going under the map and checking out exploits.

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WOW eats lives. I'd rather have my own. The game has taken several of my friends. :(

"we kinda refer to it as "The Plague"" - FPS Doug

I've cut down my playing immensely. And I refuse to buy the expantion, at least until it goes on sale. :)

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I wished you played more wow so you wouldn't post on the forums

i wish you'd watch more pornotube and quit posting retarded insults towards people who have a genuine interest in things that don't involve "what to do with you left hand while masturbating", you should really get a life out side of trolling forums and trying to instigate arguments with the seldom user, note when i registered and how many posts i have? and then do the same for you, then tell me who needs a life other than forums and IRC, what now BITCH.




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