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Customer Service ?

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I'm just saying .. the customer service leaves a bit to be desired. I am as patient as the next person,  I'm sure you're busy ... but its been 5 days  and the other hasn't even shipped yet? 

One email says 1-3 days.  Another says 1-2 days.  Its been 5 and you haven't even begin to ship anything?  

At leats let us know there is some sort of delay.   

Just not a fan of the customer service. The products are fantastic.. the customer service ... not so much.

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They claim there was a popup at checkout about them being on backorder.  Like most of you  I use a popup blocker on my browser.

If you're going to give a message to customers about something .. maybe a popup blocker isn't the best way

Customer Service here is a joke.  But they take your money straight away though.  Should have waited to debit the account until it shipped at the very least.

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Update  Jamie  claims  that nothing was hidden at chedckout and now just blames the customer cause they didn't prepare for a lot of orders when running a sale? 

Customer service is a fucking joke here. I almost want to cancel my order because of it.  Thats how bad it is. 

What kind of 'customer service' blames the person who just spent money on their website.  What a joke this place is. 

Get better reps to handle orders and inventory. The products are great but the customer service is a joke!!

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Username1031 –

I understand you're upset. I'll try to shed some light on the situation.

The notice isn't a pop-up, it's a large red note at checkout. See the screenshot below:


I understand from your posts this wasn't apparent to you. I felt like this was an up-front and clear notice - however if you have ideas on how I could improve on making these notices should an item go into backorder again (rarely happens) I'd be keen on hearing your suggestions. I want to be as clear and up-front as possible when it comes to these situations, because the last thing I want is a customer feeling like you have in this situation.

I'll speak with Jamie about the situation and see if we can't make it more clear going forward. There is no intention to blame anyone, but merely let you know the facts - which are simply that we were running out of the WiFi Pineapple TETRA at the same time that a shipment was coming in, and needed to allow the warehouse a few days to count and stock the inventory before they would be fulfilled. 

Let me know if there's anything I can do to make this right in your eyes.


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7 hours ago, #!pntstr said:

The original message is from August and I order mine 7 days ago and have gotten no response or timeframe. What is the expected time and why is taking so long?

While I do not speak for Hak5, why is it taking so long? I'd imagine the worldwide pandemic might be causing issues.

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The customer service just does not exist, they answered me once about a product that did not work well and as soon as I answered them that the explanation they gave did not work they just stopped answering. I have since opened two more requests for help but they are simply ignored.
Really disappointing

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I placed an order in November and am still waiting on two items (1x Wifi pineapple mark vii and 1x Shark Jack). The DHL tracking # Hak5 gave me for my missing-items shipment doesnt exist according DHL. Discovered myself its actually a USPS tracking #, but according to USPS the shipment has been en route to the shipment facility since Dec 20. Basically, it looks like the package may have been picked up from whatever warehouse Hak5 ships from but then never arrived at the postal center. 

So now I'm waiting for them to come to the same conclusion I have- that the package has been lost, either it never got picked up from the hak5 warehouse, or it got picked up but never arrived at the sorting facility. Fingers crossed they get there sooner than later....




Terrible customer experience- would rate them a 2/5. 😠😡😡🤬👿

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I had something sent to me by someone in the USA. It was sent on the 17 December 2020, I received it on the 14 January 2021..

Note: it wasn't a pineapple...

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