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Best Option To Nail Down Locations Using Nmap


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I am using latest Zenmap in case it means anything.


Re-learning Nmap. I am trying to nail down the best option to locate where some IP's are by Nmap only. I understand there is always a chance of error. But what option with in Nmap will provide the best options only through Nmap.

I have narrowed down so far to The below.

nmap -sC -iL ip-list.txt -oA "C:\\\\Users\\\\Universe\\\\Desktop\\\\Logs\\\\ip-List-Results-b" --open --system-dns -Pn --script ip-geolocation-geoplugin --traceroute

Am I close? What would you people do if you wanted to nail a location as close as you could with only Nmap? AND ... something that bothers me. Why does Nmap now add so many \\\ when scanning.

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