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Project Ideas Needed


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Do you have any form of ideas of your own regarding what you roughly want to do with each of the devices? Some kind of use case scenario/engagement idea would be helpful in order to spawn ideas on how to use them together so that the ideas that might pop up doesn't result in ways not interesting for your specific needs. It would be good to avoid suggestions that results in a "naaa, that's not really what I had in mind". If you didn't buy the devices totally by chance, you most likely have some kind of ideas that would be worth knowing. One obvious suggestion is to start to read the documentation for each separate device and make some projects/tests with them individually in order to get knowledge about their respective capabilities, and in the process of doing that, ideas might pop about what could be achieved with them in combination along with Cloud C2.

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The original idea was to do something like kismet, however on the owl, it only does a client kismet and needs a server, but I have no idea how to do that and since the owl is supposed to be stationary, I don’t know if that would be a good idea, I originally got the owl as a cheap way to start coding and start using Hak5 gear! The owl was more of a challenge than I first realized, due to a few bugs in the original firmware and not understanding the proper way to do payloads. (I’m waiting for the pineapple so at this time I only know the owl) one idea with the owl I had was to have it at a location, let’s say home or a friends house, that I would whitelist there current network and it would periodically Nmap the network and anything that doesn’t match mine or his stuff, to somehow notify us. 

but since I’m still learning about the pineapple before I have hands on experience, I don’t know what kind of projects I can apply for both

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