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Forcing Router to Change Channel


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You should be able to restart the device.  Most now (try to) autodetect the channel that has the least interference and the lowest utilization upon startup, but then they stop paying attention to the wireless environment.  Interference and utilization of a channel changes very frequently.  If you do change the channel manually, be a good internet citizen and make sure it's only to either channel 1, 6 or 11.

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If using the 5 GHz spectrum and if the AP is operating on a DFS channel (depending on country/region) and if in possession of some suitable device that can generate radar traffic (such as an AWG), it should be possible to force an AP to change channel without having administrative control over it. DFS works in a way that makes an AP drop ongoing transmissions if a radar signal is discovered on the active channel, broadcast a channel switch, then disassociates all clients and changes to another channel. If the new channel is a DFS channel as well, the AP/wireless controller waits for about 60 seconds to make sure that there is no radar traffic ongoing on the new channel, then it allows clients/stations to start talking on that channel. This is why one have to be careful when planning 5 GHz networks (along with TPC, channel widths and range/coverage in general compared to 2.4 GHz, etc, etc). So, it would at least be possible in theory if all stars are aligned.

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