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Hak5 podcasts - Darren and Shannon might want to read this!

Aaron Outhier

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Dear @Darren Kitchen and Shannon “Squirrel” Morse, and any other individuals who might want to know...

In at least 2 episodes, something called the Hamster dance is mentioned. Despite having been alive in the nineties, I hadn’t heard of this prior to watching the podcasts. So, I looked it up on the tubes. You might be interested to know, that I highly doubt you’ll get in any trouble for playing that tune, considering that the folks behind the hamster dance never did. You see, it wasn’t their tune. I listened to it, and immediately recognized it as the Whistle-stop theme from Disney’s Robin Hood animated classic from 1973. Although it was released a few years before I was born, I still enjoyed it as a young’n.

See for yourself:

Hamster dance: https://youtu.be/H9K8-3PHZOU

Whistle stop: https://youtu.be/gxnvxtYfsd4

Music starts a short while in on the whistle stop.


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