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Troubleshooting Pineapple (Tetra & nano) Recon

Paul Weekley

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I recently updated to the latest versions of Cloud C2 (2-2.2.0) and both the Pineapples (Tetra and nano v2.7.0).  I have not had earlier version mixes work with the Pineapple's recon and my attempt have been unsuccessful. Although each of the Pineapples are able to initiate scan via their own web interface, I can not recon via the C2 console. Nothing shows. I can also manually c2exfil a text/binary file and connections are stable, but when I try the recon capability, it stays in a "No Recon data yet available'. status.

Other information:

Nano has a compatible wifi adapter for internet access.
Tetra is WAN wired ethernet connected. (this does seem to drop connection during a recon attempt from C2, but not it's own web interface.

Has anyone else experience anything similar to this? I was hoping there is a fix for this.  I did a search in the Tetra and Cloud C2 forums and only noted one post that mention this type of problem, bu is was resolved by an earlier firmware update. Any thoughts or other information I should provide?

I am also wondering if the recons will automatically (when working) stream/exfil recon data to C2, or will I have to write a script to c2exfil when files are created?



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