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Module manager don't work


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i can't install any module because module manager do not work (impossible to start it, impossible to download and install the modules)

 I have update the firmwire to the last.

I tried to install the modules manually. To do this I did:

update opkg

opkg install curl

but when I use curl I get the following error:

"Error relocating /usr/bin/curl: curl_multi_poll: symbol not found."

so I can't install a module via module manager, or manually via curl... I don't know what to do anymore.

does anyone have any ideas?



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Isn't it possible at all for you to enter the Modules menu in the Turtle "GUI"? Have you tried to go to “Modules”, select “Module Manager” > “Configure” > “Update (installed modules)" > Back > Back > Back? I seem to remember that I had the similar type of problem some while ago with the Module Manager not working. Not sure if it was on v6.2 or some older firmware though. I finally came to the conclusion that I had to upgrade the Module Manager itself before getting things to work. Also remember that some modules (at least a month ago) that are available for download isn't working. For example, I put down some hours on urlsnarf to eventually find out that it's deprecated/non-working and not available as executable binary in the v6.2 firmware.

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