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This is the month of love, and this month we're celebrating our love of the many algorithms of passwords and our abilities to easily recover them. So we've started the NTLM tables!

This massive 350GB tableset covers every possible character (mixalpha sym32 numeric space) on a US keyboard with 95.55% chance of finding that password that you love.

We've started strong this month with plenty of tables already being generated. If you want to get in on the action, please check out our Policies ( http://wiki.rainbowtables.org ) and active list ( http://list.rainbowtables.org ) to choose the tables you'd like to contribute!

Don't forget that black hat sweetheart of yours this month, and get her or him a LM All RainbowTable this Valentines Day! Nothing says "Be Mine" than 120GB's of out-of-the-box hashed love.


We've made plenty of advances, including the purchase of Rainbowtables.org, formation of a website, and more machines on the backend for processing the tables.

We have an ever increasing need for hard disk space coming up, and are always looking for donations for the CRT program. Please note, these donations are not to Hak5, they are for the RainbowTables program only. More information is available on http://donate.rainbowtables.org

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I want to help out with this, i downloaded Winrtgen (wanted to use rainbowcrack but the link to the patched version is broken). I started generating one but wanted to make sure i'm doing it right. I want to to 1 7 25 10000 40000000 #05, i think i figured it out but all of that ones on the first line, and 5 goes in n of tables, correct?

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is this project still going strong? because the torrent isnt seeding and i dont see any activity

i want to help out bad because i need these tables


No offense, but look at the date... this was started in Feb 2007, most people have already seeded their fair share and are long gone.

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