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Shipping costs to UK from Hak5 shop


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I am gonna take advantage of the awesome discount and order a Tetra and bash bunny.

Does anybody know what is the customs duty fee is likely to be upon arrival in UK?

In the shop it says I can include shipping with duty pre paid but it is $62 as opposed to $20 without duty fees pre paid..

Am I better off pre paying the Duty or Paying on UK arrival? I just want to pay less. Thanks in advance

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It seems that the item and postage costs are subject to customs duty and to find out what the percentage rate is you have to phone HMRC.
Then the item and postage costs AND the duty are subjected to 20% VAT
AND if you go down the duty unpaid route, when the Royal Mail gets the goods at your local sorting office they inform you that you have to pay the duty and they charge you £8 on top just for telling you and collecting the money.

So an extra $42 seems reasonable to me and saves a lot of faffing about as everything is delivered straight to your door and you don't get mugged by Royal Mail.

As an aside, have you seen the posts about the Tetra?


Even at nearly half price I have not been tempted.

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