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MacOS, have to unplug, plug in several times

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Hello All,

    I've just started experimenting with the Bash Bunny today and I've noticed I have to unplug/plug back in several times before I get any LED response. On my third or fourth time everything seems to work normally.  I am on MacOS 10.15.5 using a 2019 Macbook pro.  Everything else with the BB seems to work great, just kind of annoying to have to plug it back in 5 times to get it to boot.  Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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It does, Tried on an intel nuc as well. I wonder if there is some kind of timeout at play? It seems to happen only if I eject/unplug/plug back in within a few seconds. If it sits for ~5 minutes after being unplugged the issue does not occur

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Hm, that shouldn't be the case. There's no such thing as a timeout.

I'd maybe make a factory reset, although I don't know if that helps. It's probably a hardware issue. I'm sorry, I don't know any further.

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