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Kali / Parrot with metasploit and Win10 64bit question


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Hello everyone.  I have an interesting question that I hope someone can answer.  Basically what I'm after is, a standard 64bit Kali or Parrot VM that you can download that comes with all the pentesting tools like metasploit...can you actually hack a Win10 64 bit box with it?  I'm asking because I went through the cyber mentor's online class, I follow hackersploit's youtube videos, and there seems to be something wrong and I'm just not so sure it's me anymore.  I have two Win10 VMs and now the same but physical, on two networks and all I want to do is pivot.  I have usernames / passwords.  I've dumbed them down to accept msfvenom payloads...They just don't want to work.  My findings so far have been:  a 64bit payload and listener work, but then meterpreter, getsystem, and other commands don't seem to work.  A 64bit payload and 32bit listener don't work.  A 32bit payload and listener work, commands work, but I don't get anywhere.  The commands don't error out or stall...but they just don't give me proper info and I think they are trying to tell me that I need 64bit payloads and listeners.  I'm assuming Armatige is only 32bit since I can't get anything 64bit to work.  Psexec doesn't want to work even though the usernames / passwords are mine since I created them.  I'm just stuck.  And what makes it very interesting is I never had this issue with WinXP back in the day.  So I get that Win10 could be a road block because it's different...but are Kali and Parrot with their version of metasploit also a potential road block?  Am I missing something?  Will this only work with the paid version of metasploit pro???  It just bugs me cause the cyber mentor never had an issue.  Hackersploit did a video on pivoting.  He didn't show what was behind the scenes but I followed his commands to the T and it still wouldn't work.  I've followed several Medium posts and it hasn't helped...  Any help would be great.  Thanks.

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Since you're working on a fresh Windows 10, sure you're not just getting caught by Antivirus ?
It's pretty normal that it will stop you, unless you do something to avoid it.

A lot on what used to work in Metasploit are getting caught these days, so you're up for some interesting research work, to get it to work :)

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