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DivX & WMM = broken (need alt)


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DivX & WMM = broken

When i use DivX (within the coverter or using virtualdub) it says that the "source image format is not acceptable" :evil:

And when i try WMM (windows movie maker) it says something wrong as if dont have enought HD space when i actually have more than enough. :shock:

Google doesnt show up anything worth mentioning... So is there an open source progie like WMM or a video compressor that will allow me to take this source video (cam studio .avi) and make it small enough so i can upload it to you tube :roll: I do have the WMM project saved up incase there is a program that will finish what WMM and DivX couldnt do...

PS: Thx in advance so far the reply on this forum is flawless. ^_^ 8) :( :(

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