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Elevate to admin on old pc


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I want to elevate from a regular user to an admin on an old work laptop (Windows 10). I no longer work at the company so having their IT give me passwords is not an option. I can log in and use the computer as a regular user but not as an admin. The problem is there is heavy security on the laptop so all my usual attempts won't work. I can't boot to a konboot USB as secure boot is enabled. I can't turn off secure boot because bios is password protected. I can't run any pentesting software because I don't have admin rights to run a new exe. I also can't pull the SAM file off the drive as the drive is encrypted by bitlocker (only has a recovery key, no password so brute force is not a feasible option). If I could figure out how to copy the hibernate file I could probably analyze the bitlocker key. I feel completely stumped how can I have a computer that I own and use and log into, but I can't install any software?

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