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Device Cloning Not Recognized


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I'm having issues with device cloning on my Linux boxes. I have Mint and an Ubuntu. Whether I plug a device in or fill in the configure.txt file with the appropriate VID and PID codes, it doesn't recognize it as a keyboard but rather as:

Name: Linux 3.4.39 with sunxi_usbb_udc RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget
Vendor: 0xf000
Product: 0xff01

I have confirmed that ATTACKMODE is set to HID and that the /tmp/mode file has the VID and PID codes I would expect. So, it appears the Key Croc knows the device it is cloning, but the computer isn't receiving it as the cloned device. Is there anything I might be missing or are my computers just overriding the cloning? I have used lsusb and hardinfo (System Profiler and Benchmark) to locate my devices.

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Hey I have the same issue, but only on some keyboards,

Specifically I see the issue on a keyboard that presents the following:

idVendor           0x17ef Lenovo
idProduct          0x6099
iManufacturer           1 LiteOn
iProduct                2 Lenovo Traditional USB Keyboard

The keyboard works fine (as in you can type) with the keycroc in place, and, as you note if you 'cat /tmp/mode' the keycroc has found the correct vendor/product, but, the keycroc actually presents:

  idVendor           0xf000
  idProduct          0xff01


Which is a dead giveaway!

Forcing the correct VID/PID into 'config.txt' does not work (its ignored), however if you launch an "Attackmode" with a defined VID/PID it does work...

I would perhaps speculate that the issue could be relating to the "Product" having spaces in it?

Open to suggestions?

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