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my silly thumb drive


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So check this out.  I attached a pic so I'm not crazy.  But I have a 16GB thumb drive.  It's a POS that I pretty much had given up on.  Recently I was going through my jar of pooped out thumb drives and I found it.  I inserted it, formatted it, and attempted to give it a new mission in live.  I through a bunch of video files on it and also used it to move some work stuff around today.  So later today I had it plugged into my laptop, closed the laptop and walked away.  I came back to the laptop and saw the drive flashing away.  I opened my laptop and found my files all jacked up.  The attached image shows what the files look like.  It was about a dozen or so video files.  Windows explorer states I have 756MB used and 14.2GB of 16GB free.  However again from the attached pic there are at least four files that are almost 4GB in size!  Has anyone ever seen this before?  Look at the file extensions.  It's crazy.  There's nothing wrong with my laptop and no hacking or crypto/ransom going on.  It's just a straight up messed up drive.  Guess it's going back in the jar.  Pretty damn cool though!  Some how my work files survived earlier today...


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Yeah, those are corrupted files. You also can't delete them (by just right click > delete) . Reformat the USB drive and you should be good. You don't have to bin it. 

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