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Accessing Module via cURL using token ... How???

MAC Jaeger

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On the Hak5 web page that shows API authentication, it gives an example of :

  "system": "notifications",
  "action": "addNotification",
  "message": "Hello World!",
  "apiToken": "7365626b696e6e652063616e7420636f6465202724ef6b5d7ac0b800cc83d474e8e007"

What other options are there for system and action?  I'm authenticating OK with a status of 200.  I'm trying to access a GUI module that I wrote so I was wondering if there were other options here that I might need to load that module page?  Also is "System" the same as "module" and I assume "action" is the same as action in the module.js scripts?  I'm trying to write a php script using cURL to open the module page I created.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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