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Can’t connect KeyCroc to WiFi Pineapple via WiFi

Aaron Outhier

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Has anyone else noticed that the KeyCroc can’t connect to open or hidden networks? I was hoping to test my implants using my nearby Pineapple connected to my own Internet uplink, so that I don’t have to know the targets WiFi key - I could setup my own WiFi and sit in an unmarked vehicle, etc.

Unfortunately, in my testing, this doesn’t work. WiFi Pineapples don’t currently support configuring encryption, and it would seem that KeyCrocs don’t support connecting to unencrypted networks. I checked the documentation for wpa_supplicant.conf (amount others), and discovered that when trying to connect to an open network, there needs to be a line that says 

key_mgmt NONE

In addition, in order to connect to a hidden network, the line

scan_ssid 1

Needs to be present. I have contacted support twice now, but have received no response. Not sure if @Darren Kitchen and crew are just busy, ignoring me, or if one of us isn’t getting the other’s emails. Hopefully, they’re just too busy working on Hak5 stuff and haven’t had a chance to get back to me yet.

BTW, the issue appears to affect the ScreenCrab and SignalOwl also, but I was only able to test the fix on the KeyCroc.

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