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Been watching there pages for a while now.

I have a problem with AD.

I work for a college in London. I have a domain controller running 2003 and 30 clients running XP. There is an OU called students(quite restricted) and an OU called Tutors( not so restricted)

The problem is that when I create a new student account, they are admin. If I move an old(restricted) student account, to the admin OU they still get the student policy and if I move an Tutor account to the student ou then they still have admin rights.

I ran the GPResult.exe and it saw the default domain policy but not the policy on the OU.

The 'IT guy' has been in and installed sp1 for 2003 then uninstalled it since this problem started. Is this the problem and if so wow can I rectify it.

Thanks for any help,


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Installing and removing an entire service pack is very likely to give you issues, especially of the weird type like this. But tbh, there is probally a neat little solution especially for this, I just don't know enough about AD setup myself.

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Thanks VaKo and kickarse for the reply. Everyone that I have talked to said it's probably the service pack thing. I think because of the problem and the fact that it's such a small(16 cliant) network with no up-time requirement, it's probably easiest and quickest just to rebuild.

Talk to you next time I mess up the server(which may well be soon!)


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