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Help with Admin password from curcfg.xml


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I'm trying to gain ssh access to my Huawe E5172s-297 router to be able to change the IMEI but I can't seem to get the credentials for it. If anyone would be able to decrypt this encrypted password from curcfg.xml file, it would really help me out. Thanks in advance.



-<UserInfo NumberOfInstances="2">

<UserInfoInstance Username="admin" Userpassword="Eg6MEbCD3U/n8UPiiUJwxjLw9+Ze0BC1w9BAG19yF1U/5yAjJt/b9j==" InstanceID="1" Userlevel="0"/>

<UserInfoInstance Username="user" Userpassword="Eg6MEbCD3U8IJtGiXAbvNV1V95xa2sGARC1PepMASZhKHTjBRKaLu4==" InstanceID="2" Userlevel="1"/>




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