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Packet Squirrel blocking traffic?


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Hey folks, I have been trying to incorporate the Packet Squirrel into a project I am working on (hence my recent posts) however when I plugged the PS in today I had something odd happen.  I am trying to work with the a printer on a network and without using the packet squirrel I can ping the printer and run nmap scans with goods results.  However, when I add the PS to the equation (and connecting it as per the PS user guide) my nmap scans now result in "host unreachable."  Granted, I still have a loot folder created and I have a pcap file...which is good.  Additionally, I can check on the status of the printer using a web-app...without the PS the printer shows as "online" when I introduce the PS the printer shows as "offline."  Has anyone run into something like this??

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