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Tried and Read Everything but still need help...PLEASE!!!


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I am using pandora internet radio for a while but I am quite new to this great project. I spent the past 2 days trying to get it work but unfortunately I didn;t succeed. I 'm really counting on you that you may be able to help me fix my problem ... so first some of my data.

I'm using Firefox 1.509 just downloaded the newest JAVA 6 RTE and downgraded my Flash to 8.0 r34. I have tried with and without the FlashSwitcher. Doesn' work. Bevor I upgraded Java and installed noscript Pandora was starting an when I activatet the cruise control it even tried to rip the mp3. (I inserted a alarm in the method to see if it starts). There was a count down then it said grapmp3() completed and my alarm occured. Now that I have done the updates (also from beta to CF7) it's the same thing but with the getArtistBio(). First countdown then completed.. but nothing happens. It still says retrieving artist info. and under the grap button there is "Initing mp3 rip".

in my command window i can see that there is a debug info that says:processing request with action: null

may this be important?

If I dont activate cruise control the grap track button won't start any action. Things like saving settings and so one work.

In the Pandora Jar window it only says "localhost connected to server." about 30 times.

I'm currently using CF 7 but also tried with the original beta from the noob tutorial.

Of course when running noscript I allow scripts for localhost.

So I hope this is enough information to someone for helping me fixing my problem.

Thanks a lot in advance...

I just recognized that with some artists it's still the same situation... the grapMp3() starts ... is completed but nothing happens and there is no mp3 anywhere.. it still says initing mp3 rip... after some time my alarm appears again, so I guess the method is called again...

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