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Is it possible to exploit a filtered port using Kali and Metasploit? URL: https://able2know.org/topic/550314-1


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Someone was able to hack a laptop of my 11 year-old daughter and he is sending offensive messages and has some control over the PC. I was able to find the IP using one of the emails sent. I did a port scan and all the ports are filtered. I just want to know whether it is impossible to exploit a filterd but open open port?

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There are some vulnerabilities which can be triggered by just sending network traffic to a machine, but they are rare and very unlikely.

More likely, she has installed something bad and that is what is being used.

Wipe the machine completely and rebuild it from scratch, it's your only way to guarantee it is clean. You should probably also consider all the old data compromised so get rid of as much of that as possible, especially office documents.

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