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Samsung Galaxy Security Popups


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Hello everyone, 

I recently purchased the Pineapple Nano for furthering my wireless pen testing and auditing skills, So far I have successfully set it up but having difficulties with a few  issues:

  1. I am on a typical home network for now with various types of devices such as laptops, consoles, and mobile phones, mainly Samsung (S8+ and s10+) and Apple iPhones. However, I am struggling to force the samsung  devices to connect to the Open SSID I have setup in the nano and show up on the dashboard under the clients pane. However, if I connect to the open SSID manually (Which i have created in the networking section with a name not matching anything in the SSID pool) the samsung phones both connect, however, the internet connection is intermittent. My questions here are, what can i do to encourage devices to deauth and connect to my Nano despite me manually deauthing them, it isn't helping? and Why is it that when target devices do connect they show an 'connected without internet' warning, could this be related to windows 10 ICS which i am using? If it is ICs what other options do I have?
  2. Before I connect the Samsung S10+ to the Open SSID I've configured manually it pops up a security warning owing to its 'Secure Wi-Fi' options enabled by Default (enabled by default in 'settings> WiFi>Advanced>Detect suspicious Networks'), is there a way to prevent this pop up on the S10+ when it connects to the pineapple? The problem with this is even before we can test any of the modules like the Dwall or Captive Portal Module, the S10+ needs to be connected to the Pineapple wifi.. (The images concerning this issue can be seen here: https://github.com/wifiphisher/wifiphisher/issues/1100 )
  3. Is the hak5 pineapple university still a thing? Besides the online documentation, where can we learn more advanced features and usage of WiFi Pineapple Nano etc?

    Thank you
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I just got my device a few days ago and have to say it is really difficult to get started. Until I understood what is actually behind PineAP and unfortunately there are no modules that help in the real world. So if you visit websites with https, you lose and it starts with Google.

It is very superficial to determine which url was called with the module TCPDump. But here you don't see which search term was entered in Google, for example.

The following videos helped me:



My Samsung Galaxy S10 + also gave a message. However, only after I have connected to it a few times. I think it just helps here to change the MAC of the WiFi adapter.

If you have more or found something interesting, please let me know 🙂

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