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LAN Turtle-to-LAN Turtle 3G


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I own and operate a LAN Turtle and would like to add a 3G SIM hardware module to it.  I don't know if there are any website pages out there explaining this process, and shop.hak5.org store support representative didn't seem to have the technical information and referred me to the hak5 support forum.  Before anyone at Hak5 feels a need to caution me about voiding warranties I'm not concerned about that, just want clarification on how to make the modification.    Afterall, those interested in hak5 products tend to use them for hacking and reverse engineering purposes, right?

Anyway, looking at the main board on the LAN Turtle I believe I see a UART and possibly a 1-wire serial connection so maybe it is as simple as connecting the 3G SIM module to a serial port?  Any feedback on this would be much appreciated.  Thx!


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