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Owl and Nano interaction troubles

Aaron Outhier

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So, I plan to load kismet-client, et-al, onto my Pineapple Nano, and use it to drive the partially complete kismet-server on the owl. However, I want to do that over a secure connection - i.e. a wired interface. I don't trust my wifi network - I suspect an wireless intruder. More about that another day. Please don't ask questions about this on a public forum...

Basically, I have the Nano plugged into the Owl's dedicated USB port, and I have the Owl plugged onto the Nano's USB port. A USB WiFi dongle is connect to the Owl's pass-through port to give the Nano Internet access for the time being. I will be swapping the USB WiFi for a USB drive once I get everything working. The USB Y-adapter powers them both via a 2.4A USB power adapter.

My first obstacle is: The Owl doesn't detect the Nano as a USB-Network interface. No doubt there no driver built-in. Being able to establish sockets between the two devices will be critical to making this team-up work. Thoughts?? I might just contact Hak5 support. I do try to save that for a "last-ditch" option. The forums are here for a reason.

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