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Hak.5 Crib


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I love the idea too. I'm sure we could come up with something. I'll need to get a copy of MTV Cribs to get some thoughts but we've go some very talented writing help with us this week and I'm sure this segment could see some light. This weekend we'll be installing network drops in every room and hopefully a closed circuit television system as well. Aside from that and all the network bling, what specifically do you guys think would be segment worthy for this? Open brainstorming sessions are fun, feel free to chime in.

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what specifically do you guys think would be segment worthy for this? Open brainstorming sessions are fun, feel free to chime in.

Well for one, the thing about MTV Cribs is that they just go through each room and talk about all the useless crap they have. Typically, when they enter the kitchen they say something like "I rarely come here" and when they show off the bedroom they make a complete dick out of themselves by going "this is where the REAL adventures begin" or some stupid show-off shit like that.

What would be fun is if you in your skit entered the bedroom and say something like "Hmmm yeah. This is my bedroom I guess. My housemates say so, but I'm not really sure. I rarely come here" and then in your computer/editing/whatever room you're geeking out in most often you'd say "Now this is where the REAL action takes place! Heh heh heh. This one's my baby. Awww yeah. 5-core! 12 Jiggabytes of RAM. It owns. I gotta be careful though, as this beast draws so much current I can only start this puppy up when all the other boxen are already up. If I boot it while the other ones are still booting, it'll pop the breaker."

Another standard item in MTV Cribs is to show off the vehicles. Go something like "I'd like to show you my cars, but I don't have any, so instead I'm gonna show you guys our shoes. These sneakers are what I usually wear. For today I'm wearing these shoes, but normally when you see me I'm wearing these. These pumps are Alli's, but I've only seen Wess wear them." (Camera shakes a bit as if the camera man is startled and you hear Wess, out of frame, ask "You... saw that?")

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Oh no not the "it's been done before police", they tried to bring us down when we premiered in '05 saying the broken was here first. good thing i dont give a rats ass.

sorry but that chappelle sketch was pretty lame. if we attempt anything like this it'll have that quirky hak5 charm that doesnt rely on lame shock value gags.

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