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MCSE Certification Question


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Sup guys, i'm going to be taking my first MCSE test with in the month. It's Exam 70-290. I was wondering if anyone here has any helpful tips. I have read the prep book from Micro$oft cover to cover and I think I know what I'm supposed to. But it's only the first test of 4 i need to take. After MCSE comes CCNA =(. Any advice or tips would be awesome. Thanks.

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I just passed my MCSE 2 weeks ago. Your best bet is learn everything in the books (I used Sybex) and maybe get something like TestOut.

There are loads of places you can get the exam questions, like Test King, for example. If you get any of these just look at is as a way of finding out how the question are presented because, loads of the answers are wrong and will only put more doubts in your mind for the big day. I bought the XP paper from vanjabruic.com for $4 and didn't bother with the rest.

Remember, the point of the exams is to prove you know server 2003 and XP, not to remember combinations of a,b,c ,d. When you go for an interview once you have passed, they will ask you questions that are not multiple choice. Even if you get passed the interview and have used Test King you will look stupid and probably get sacked!

By the way, don't you have 7 exams(4 core, 1 client and 2 elective) Make sure you do exchange as one of the elective exams. All the old fat guys in suits love exchange and don't really understand security beyond a firewall that's as fat as they are.

If you have read the books from cover to cover and remember everyting then you have nothing to worry about. My boss told me after my exams that he is always suspicious of anyone that gets 100% for any exam.

MCSE is easy if you have an interest in it. Use somthing like VMWare at home (I think they have a free download) to practice for the simulations. Read all question twice and review them all at the end of the test. You WILL pass, no problem.

If you have any question, just ask.

Hope you do well and I expect a post soon to say that you are MCSE.


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thanks for the tips, i think i'm going to go and try to get the test questions for practice. I have a copy of server 2003 running on a box in the corner that I have Been using for the simulations. Thanks again, and i'll post when I get certified.

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i did the 70-291 last week. (was forced to by work). i failed with a 621 (700 being the passing score). you defiantly need to know all the content in the ms books for the exam to be able to pass it. i hadn't yet read the security chapter and it showed in my test as it was the lowest score i got out of all the sections.

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