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Extremely slow and unresponsive to use


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Dug the Nano out of a drawer and though I could have some fun with it again. Updated to firmware 2.7.0 from -I can't remember- , but last time I used it was late 2018. The CPU usage (measure through the status module) was averaging 100%. Navigating to any menu takes a minimum of 20 seconds from clicking on it to actually being able to use anything. After a few minutes menus wont even work at all and I end up just unplugging the thing as the whole web page is unresponsive and the shut down button doesn't work.

Also am having a hard time getting the recon to work. Will click start and wait indefinably (record was 15 minutes) for anything to show up. Usually going to the dashboard then back works. Haven't been out yet so no open networks to test and see if clients will connect or not but the open SSID just decides to disappear after a few minutes after booting, can't connect to it and doesn't show up as an available SSID when searching for wifi on my phone.


I've factory reset the thing twice with nothing to help. I don't know if its just a nasty firmware release or the device somehow broke while sitting in my underwear drawer for 2 years.

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