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Rubber Ducky Windows OOBE


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Hi everyone,

I just got my RubberDucky to do some Windows Setup automation (yeah, boring stuff, no hacking sadly) and the first thing I want to do is to run cmd while being in the Windows Out Of Box Experience (OOBE). You can open the cmd with the combination Shift + F10, however when I try to run SHIFT F10 from the Ducky, it doesn't open cmd. Is this Key Combo not supported or am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for the help,


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Windows has to install drivers to get the duck to work.  Are you sure they are being installed during the OOBE?  Can you get the duck to do anything during this?  Like type your name or anything?  If you can get it to do at least something then it's probably a timing issue.  Throw a few second delay at the beginning to make sure windows has time to load up the drivers.

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@Bob123 @SelfTaughtDude Hey I'm having the same issue and new to Rubber Ducky but I'm not sure how to accomplish what SelfTaughtDude is saying. Is the JSON Keyboard map found somewhere in the Rubber Ducky github resources or something? https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/

Just let me know if someone can help me with this, thanks!

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Is that really the mentioned JSON file? Isn't it the Bash Bunny JSON file that is used along with the JS encoder for the Ducky?



Line 290 in the jsencoder html file, if using default lang (US)
change 'F10': '00,00,43' to 'F10': '02,00,43'

Or the line in one of the alternative lang files (json)

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