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wlan0-hostapd vs wlan1-pineap ?


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wlan0 has hostapd karma patch by digininja ? respond to probe request ?
wlan1 (wlan1mon) pineap is here to double chance to get clients?  with beacon respond ? ssid broadcast ?


wlan0 = 50% chance to get clients? 10,20, 30 clients in a crowd ?
wlan0+wlan1 (pineap) = 70% chance to get clients? 30,40, 50 clients in a crowd ?

So I could just run wlan0 ? 


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You are close in your understanding of the roles each radio plays. 

wlan0 runs the access point(s) (the "Allow Associations" checkbox) - though it's come a long way since the initial karma patches to hostapd digininja did back in 2007.

wlan1 is responsible for monitor and frame injection functions, which are used by PineAP for Broadcast SSID Pool and Beacon Response, as well as Recon for Deauth and survey.

There's a lot more going on - but that's the high level overview.

I've found many IoT devices are eager to connect by simply allowing associations, while others are only interested when the SSID pool is broadcast with PineAP. Some devices require a beacon response to stay connected, and others require a little encouragement by way of deauth. It really depends on the client device and network in question. Hope that helps.

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