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Some basic questions


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Hey everyone! I'm excited because i just got my first bit of Hak5 gear, the Signal Owl! I'm very excited for the possibilitys with this little guy, and have managed to side-step what appears to be the more common problems people have with it. after playing with it a bit I'm running into a few problems because i have very basic gaps in my knowledge, and am unable to find the answers i need.


1) can i install python packages on the Signal Owl, such as probemon?

2) Is there a list of commands for the "Owl Framework"? I have seen the framework referenced a few times, but never linked to. I assume its all the commands you can give the owl directly such as "LED ATTACK" but i can't find a list of all the commands

3) is there any resources for python programmers? everything seams to reference bash programming, but I'm stronger with python.


I'm having tons of fun figuring out how this little beauty works, and would appreciate anyone's thoughts and replies.

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