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Solid red light.. reset failing?


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I've followed the instructions for manual flashing / factory reset... There is only one solid (red) light that turns on when powered in with AC. Nothing else changes with the reset, even after holding for 10 seconds and release. No activity when Ethernet is plugged into device to computer or modem. And finally, Windows does recognize device the device and it shows up as Realtek Ethernet FE on ncpa.cpl... setting static IP to with su net also did not resolve..


Any suggestions??


Is it dead?

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Same issue, sort of.

Hadn't pulled out the Tetra for several months. Factory reset worked once. Attempted flash from 2.4.2 to 2.7.0.

Hung on "The WiFi Pineapple is still booting..."   Waited about 7 hours - no change.

Unable to factory reset -- bricked??  Feeling pretty disappointed.

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