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I recently got the Anker PowerCore 20100 powerbank for my wifi pinapple nano. Im set up in this config:image.png.aaef57447d22b063acd639c0e2343f3c.png


the power-bank has a output of 12watts per port and on the wifi pineapple documentation they ask for 9W including auxiliary stuff like extra antenna, phone tethering. However when using this my wifi pineapple randomly turns off and the power-bank lights go off as if it has stopped drawing power and my phone stops charging. Then it restarts and loops (i stopped it after 2 as it realized it can damage the wifi pineapple if im under-powering it). has anyone got any idea of what this can be as i HOPE im not under-powering it as i aimed for overkill on the output just in case.   

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update: i believe its a issue with the manufactures "automatic" power supply where it cuts the power out of the wifi pineapple for some reason so ive emailed ankor and ill see if that is the issue

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26 minutes ago, spokey said:

Please plug your power bank in the splitter so both nano and the phone get power directly (not pass through)

will this mean that i can still tether with my phone (share internet connection)


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