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Is it possible to keylog in between a laptop's own keyboard


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I am relatively new to this industry and I was wondering if there was a way keylog in between the actual laptop keyboard(built in one/ removeable) and the laptop?

On a similar note, if i had a "victim" on a pent test that turned out to not have a keyboard and only a laptop is there a way to make a key croc into attack mode without a keyboard. I ask this knowing that this is not actually its function but just playing around with the tool.

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Welcome to hacking - anything is possible. 

That said, the Key Croc isn't going to do this out of the box and I'd be hard pressed to give you a good answer on how exactly right now. I've seen some research in the field of capturing voltage variances over a USB hub which, with a lot of math, could yield some helpful results... But let's just go with a simple 'no' for the moment.

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