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Australia Downloads: Cachefly/Libsyn hosted content issue


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Re: Libsyn/Cachefly (Yes libsyn seem to use cachefly)

Recently, At the start of February Cachefly commissioned there new Australian CDN/PoP recently in Perth and IX peering announcement with WAIX a local peering exchange in Australia

Anyway. Some of you may of noticed a incorrect file size immediate after the episode/podcast is released and I'm told Cachefly are working to resolve the aussie slow CDN content propagation

Heres an explanation from Joe

The problem is when someone close to the cache requests a file that the cache doesn't have it will go off and grab it then forward it onto the persons/ppls trying to download said file.

The guys at cache fly are working on this and hopefully will resolve it soon.

How would i know. I'm using the Aussie CDN

Most CDN's PoP are picked by your response time to the CDN server. Which help select the best or closet CDN PoP. However you can be in Australia and since every ISP has a different setup, But using another Cachefly CDN instead of the local CDN

I'm just warning you this may or not happen. Thisnormally happens when the file isn't cached or just after a release to be given an incorrect file size/corrupt file



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