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Keycroc Error


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i just received my keycroc, following the 1-3 steps on the instruction card and it seem ok.

However, after downloading the latest firmware into the keycroc in arming mode.

I ejected the keycroc safely and plug it back to my machine. The light indictor did not go into the red/blue pattern but instead have been going cycle of the following pattern:

green, white, red, red & blue, blue and repeats the cycle again.

I don't think the firmware update runs and i am not able to enter any arming mode anymore. Please advise how could i perform a factory reset or how could i remediate this issue.

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I am able to get into factory reset mode (base on the documentation on hak5). and during recovery, red/blue pattern came on and continue till the end and it reboot (green coming on).

i thought everything was fine then when it is booting up, the cycle pattern above repeat again and keycroc cannot even detect my keyboard nor allow me to enter arming mode. 

@Darren  Kitchen - are you able to advise?


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