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Lan Turtle Loot in C2

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Hey guys!

Been setting up my devices in prep for a up and coming pen test. I can connect my devices to C2 and I came across 2 issues.

The first one is about seeing any Loot for the Lan Turtle in C2. I can see Loot for other devices and I know that the Lan Turtle doesn't work exactly the same way as say the Shark Jack in regards to gathering loot.
But I was wondering if someone got a method of getting a specific folder shared to the C2 Loot section for the Lan Turtle.


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I'm using cron bash jobs and C2EXFIL to get loot to Cloud C2 from the LAN Turtle, the exact solution depends on the module used and the kind of loot that is exfiltrated. Not really equal to "getting a specific folder shared" but it's a way to get a kind of automated "loot stream" from the LAN Turtle. It's not manual at least.

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